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Do (n't) Let it End

So,  guys... If you were a teenager by  the end of 90's i bet you recognize this one.  John Farnham was sang it about on 1996 or 1997. This song was came up on my radio playliat,  less than a hour right after i have a chat with and old friend.  As a matter of fact, i thougt,   many of us have something to remember from the past.  Maybe it was  she or he you're were crush on, an ex, closed friend that we have a memories.  Unfortunately,   we can't play it back like a playlist we used to listened to.  So what?   Being insist replay it again or just let it go? Even a high class so called edt parfume can stick linger for many years.  The air will bring it gone and leave us nothing.  Maybe al we can do is only asking ourselves to walking on,  and choosing another parfume with best smell, a smell which can put a cheer smile when meet others :). Like a drama series,  we may have one, two or more favourite ones.  But seeing them running all day maybe cause y