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Pushing Myself to Write (More) in English

Hi there. Here I'am! What a time! I've promise to myself errr.. correction.  Not promise perhaps but talking to myself if have to  improve my english. Did I? To be honest  I  didn't it well. Forgive me T_T But.... For the past weeks I've watch my favourite serial, Downton Abbey . Guys, if you  know so well the live version of Beauty and The Beast , I bet you know this guy; Dan Stevens.  What a best drama for me. I am so sorry knowing that Mathews Crawley, a character whom Dan play for. Dan finished his act at the end of season 3.  Ok stop here. Don't let me spoiling the story. If you wanna know more, just watch it, ok? photo: And what the line come between my english with that drama? It's reminds me to learning English again. Though I spent more my time with Indonesian sub title than switched the  translate it off *LOL*  At some moment I did, switched the subtitle or change to english one. Then I found myself lack of  en
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Do (n't) Let it End

So,  guys... If you were a teenager by  the end of 90's i bet you recognize this one.  John Farnham was sang it about on 1996 or 1997. This song was came up on my radio playliat,  less than a hour right after i have a chat with and old friend.  As a matter of fact, i thougt,   many of us have something to remember from the past.  Maybe it was  she or he you're were crush on, an ex, closed friend that we have a memories.  Unfortunately,   we can't play it back like a playlist we used to listened to.  So what?   Being insist replay it again or just let it go? Even a high class so called edt parfume can stick linger for many years.  The air will bring it gone and leave us nothing.  Maybe al we can do is only asking ourselves to walking on,  and choosing another parfume with best smell, a smell which can put a cheer smile when meet others :). Like a drama series,  we may have one, two or more favourite ones.  But seeing them running all day maybe cause y

Stuck on You

Hi there! Why this post i named stuck on you? Perhaps you wondering so. Am I right? So, i have read my new book about parenting. It's such a lovely non fiction book i have. You can read more here, at While drafting this post, I have not sleepy yet. So i took my phone and began stalking new pins on pinterest. In the mean time, my fm radio played old songs. This song, stuck on you was one of them. I bet you all knew who sang this song. Yup,  Lionell Richie, with his band, The Commodors.

Watching Amatis Piano Trio Live at Pama Grand Preanger Bandung

Having watched this concert made me regret one thing. Why i didn't harder mastering english? Por me :) On first session we sat here then on the second session we were move to the front row, thanks to Yanno It was Yasinta who asked me to go to Prama Grand Preanger Hotel. This trio Amatis have a concert there. I said yes. Then, i went in the evening, and met Yasinta and his brother at the lobby. Nchie was showed up on 20.00,  due to a traffic jam. She missed the first session,  while the three of me and the others audiences enjoying their perfomance since on 19.00. Amatis Piano  has three player. They are Sam Shepherd, the cello player who amaze, me. I must admit he has a good looking  and charming smile *lol*. Lea Hausmann, the beautiful lady in red who play violin and a chinese man Mengjie Han on piano. he has a charming a smile, right? Anyway, i must admit i don't familliar with classic music. All i know about this one is a kinda expensi

A Cool Sneaker Ever

Let's talk about 90's. Shall we?  It's ok if you're not exist yet at the time *LOL* I believe every generation has unique style. Let me tell you, 90's is not also about music, games,  tv series or movies. we still have some  stuffs. When i wa s in junior high school, most of 'public school'  requir their students to wearing warrior shoes, a pair of black warrior shoes. You can't wear another color or brand.  But  some other school have loosened their rules about this thing.  

A First Hello from Me

I have been think to have my own english blog. Many times i think to self, as if i talk to my twin on the mirror.  "Are you serious?"  "What would you do?" "Tell me how what will you do to manage this one?" "What are the benefits for you?" What, how, why and many questions came across my mind. Then, i found a reason.