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Watching Amatis Piano Trio Live at Pama Grand Preanger Bandung

Having watched this concert made me regret one thing. Why i didn't harder mastering english? Por me :)
On first session we sat here then on the second session we were move to the front row, thanks to Yanno
It was Yasinta who asked me to go to Prama Grand Preanger Hotel. This trio Amatis have a concert there. I said yes. Then, i went in the evening, and met Yasinta and his brother at the lobby. Nchie was showed up on 20.00,  due to a traffic jam. She missed the first session,  while the three of me and the others audiences enjoying their perfomance since on 19.00.

Amatis Piano  has three player. They are Sam Shepherd, the cello player who amaze, me. I must admit he has a good looking  and charming smile *lol*. Lea Hausmann, the beautiful lady in red who play violin and a chinese man Mengjie Han on piano.

he has a charming a smile, right?
Anyway, i must admit i don't familliar with classic music. All i know about this one is a kinda expensive music taste, right? You have to paid in a big money to go to the concert and dress up well. I was confused when thinking which dress i should wore. But then, the four of us decided to wore the casual dress, like we used to be hehehe.

Though i was worried if we would looked weird, it wasn't happen. Thanks God!  Mostly, peoples Who came to the show, they were dress up like we did. I also saw some men and women wore batik, our Indonesian dress. One thing i forgot.  I have batik dress! 
Nchie Hanie, Yasinta, Me and  Yanno, Pama Grand Preanger's Marcomm
After the show finished, The Amatis still provided their time to took picture with all the audiences. Since the stage couldn't loaded all the people, we have to waited our turn, group by group.  This moment made me regreted, a lot. I only shaking their hands and said, "nice to meet you". That's all! *sigh*

You know what? Not only we who felt happy,  but them too. The Amatis Piano Trio so delighted with our appreciation. You're welcome guys  :)

credit photo: Nchie Hanie

Thank you Prama Grand Preanger for your hospitality. Loking forward to have anotther event invitation :)
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You can  search their  others video on youtube. This one i recorded with my cell phone.  Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I do love classical music since I was a kid. Watching classical concert is a rare opportunity. Sadly, I couldn't watch Amatis Piano Trio performance, but I subscribed their youTube channel. They play the music so beautifully, what a wonderful trio I've ever seen.

    Lucky you, teteh. :*


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