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A Cool Sneaker Ever

Let's talk about 90's. Shall we?  It's ok if you're not exist yet at the time *LOL* I believe every generation has unique style. Let me tell you, 90's is not also about music, games,  tv series or movies. we still have some  stuffs.

When i was in junior high school, most of 'public school'  requir their students to wearing warrior shoes, a pair of black warrior shoes. You can't wear another color or brand.  But  some other school have loosened their rules about this thing.  

Doesn't matter if you are rich or not, for us, 90's boys and girls, this shoes is so memorable. Never mind if you wear the expensive like converse or the proletar one like warrior shoes.

When in senior high school, the rules was not strict like in my previous grade.  You may wear various brand. Still, we were not allowed wearing another color except black. 

One day,  my classmate wore a pair of girly shoes, though it was black. My supervisor still rebuked her. Sigh. I didn't think she broke the rules, neither her.  She just smiled innocently.  No argue, but her face looked like say,  "hey,  what's wrong with this black one? 

Converse was the most favourite shoes in my school,  at that time. You'll be more cool if you wore it. Even until now, anyway. I am not wearing it.  My pocket money always spent out for another needs.
credit: Yorri
Recently,  i have disscussed it with my english trainer, Yorri. Converse is his favourite shoes.  Even if coming to a wedding party,  he will not hesitate to wear it.  

Me and  one of my fellas Dydie also have a chat about it,  on her facebook post. She have me a challenge to wear sneaker on my weeding day,  someday.  *LOL*  I can't promise, maybe it will make me and my hubby (in future) would be one of badass bride and groom. Instead being like that,  i told her that we (me with that my future man, offcourse)  gonna look like runaway bride and groom.  I can't imagine if we were make it happen. But who knows, right?

Oke,  let's forget that crazy idea. But pretty nice :)
Converse has more a hundred years  being one of iconic fashion.  It was began by Chuck Taylor,  in the 1921, a basket ball player, asked Marquis Mils to custmized him a pair of comfort shoes, since he   often get injured after game he played.   

Not only wore it,  Taylor also became a salesman and ambassador for Mils's company. He did it.   For the first time, 1932 people currios and  felt in love untill now. 

Built in 1908, Converse fever spread out the world after awesome Taylor performance.  This casual shoes also wore by some famous celebrities.  Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl's mate in Nirvana band is one of example. 

Converse known as rebbelious symbol.  They are who wear this star symbol on their shoes, are free man or free woman  in their dress style. They dress up like what they want to be. No matter if it is not out of custome.  They wear what can make them feel comfort.   Maybe some of happy couples, those brides and grooms are ones of them.


  1. Teh efi mau merit pake inih, cool euy. Hihiii
    Tapi legend banget emang patu ini mah yah..

    1. Hihi ga janji ah, Suci. Wait and see aja, kesampaian atau enggak. Hehehe

  2. Whoaaaaa, they're (on wedding pics) totally awesome. Cool, huh! It's out of the box stuff. You're interested as well, teh. Aren't you? :)

    I'm a sneakers lover, I still wear it. I love casual look.


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