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A First Hello from Me

I have been think to have my own english blog. Many times i think to self, as if i talk to my twin on the mirror. 

"Are you serious?" 

"What would you do?"

"Tell me how what will you do to manage this one?"

"What are the benefits for you?"

What, how, why and many questions came across my mind.

Then, i found a reason. 
 "Practice make perfect."

Yup. I have learned  english since i was a teenager. Though my body now still look like a teenager.  *LOL*

Skip. ignore it. Let’s get serious.

Almost 25 years behind. That's such a long time, right? Now, how my english? Bad. My TOEFL score perhaps won't meet at minimum score. For your information, I also have taken english coursewhen i was a student of university. Too bad, i never used it. *sigh*

I almost never practise,  nor used it. I can understand some Dialogue on a film. But, when i have to talk or write, suddenly, I lost many vocabularies. My grammar still awfull and maybe you'll see some words or sentences gone wrong here. Pardon me, anyway *mode begging on*

But, (once again) learning is never ending, right? And i don't want my english become useless or dissappear like a dinosaurus (what kind of comparison is it?).  So, I will practice again my english here. At least by writing. Hopefully, it will help my English will be better.

It’s enough for now. See you next post. 



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